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Created: Mon, 01 Oct 2018 03:58:52 GMT

Updated: Sun, 02 Jan 2022 18:30:26 GMT

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I'm very excited. I will be mentoring now- and future- lady devs at Rails Girls KC in early November. My 14-year old daughter will be one of the participants, too! In 1.5 days, the participants will build a simple application using Ruby on Rails.

Although my primary programming languages are PHP and JavaScript, I feel confident that I can mentor in Ruby and Rails due to my experience with MVC frameworks (Symfony and Laravel). I worked with Rails at a hackathon in 2013 and I don't think that is sufficient experience; however, Rails has influenced every MVC framework that followed, so this shouldn't be too foreign to me.

I've been reading up on Ruby lately using the good tutorial PHP to Ruby and the book Beginning Ruby: From Novice to Professional, Third Edition. I'll run through the official Rails intro next.


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