Last Month in PHP: 2016 March

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From a KCPUG lightning talk being given on 06 Apr 2016.


Yes, Microsoft is adding the linux Bash shell to Windows.

  • Uses Ubuntu user mode binaries
  • So, (maybe?) in the Windows Command Line: apt-get install nginx php7-fpm mysql-server php7-mysql

PHP development on Windows is about to get much better!

See: MSDN: BASH Running in Ubuntu on Windows

PHP Updates

Security and bugfix updates to PHP were released TWICE in March. Upgrade!

  • 7.0.5 - Upgrade!
    • Security fixes
    • Bug fixes
  • 5.6.20 - Upgrade!
    • Security fixes
    • Bug fixes
  • 5.5.34 - Upgrade!
    • Security fixes
    • Bug fixes


Composer v1.0.0-beta1 & v1.0.0-beta2 were released

  • Many new things!
  • Including:
    • Disables non-secure protocols
    • prohibits / why-not command to show what blocks an upgrade to a given package:version pair
    • Added --interactive / -i to the update command, which lets you pick packages to update interactively


Drupal 8

Drupal 8.0.5

  • Maintenance release


Slim 3

Slim 3.2.1 & 3.2.2

  • Bugfix: Do not use DefferedCallable in route callable.
  • Bugfix: Make $file public in UploadedFile

Slim 3.3.0



  • Laravel 5.2.27
  • Laravel 5.2.24
  • Laravel 5.2.23



PHP: The Right Way

  • Added a Brazilian Portuguese translation
  • Note: Every open-source project can use your help with documentation. What are you waiting for?

Upcoming Conferences

Lone Star PHP
Apr 7-9: Dallas, TX

  • KCPHP Speakers!

Day Camp for Developers - Modern PHP
Apr 22: Online

May 9-13: New Orleans, LA

  • KCPHP Speaker!

May 23-27: St Louis, MO

  • KCPHP Speaker!

200 OK
June 3: Tulsa, OK

Kansas City Developer Conference
June 22-24 - Kansas City, MO

  • 4 PHP talks
  • KCPHP speakers!

July 17-24 - Bahamas

Laracon US
July 27-29 - Louisville, KY


NomadPHP is an online supplement to your in-real-life user group.

April 21: 01:00 PM CDT

April 21: 08:00 PM CDT

Next Month's KCPUG

Joseph Maxwell will be presenting an update of his excellent February talk: "Writing Better Code with the New PHP 7"!


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